Kozak Micro Adjusters Offers Reliable Vented Screws for Various Applications

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At Kozak Micro Adjusters, we carry high-quality adjustment screw products to keep your industrial and work equipment safe, precise, and fully functional.

For more than 40 years, we have been a full-service screw manufacturer that provides quality products and focuses on precision components. Our core values that our business stands by are hard work, honesty, integrity, quality, and high-end craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for one component or a large quantity, Kozak can help you with any of your hardware component needs, including for vented screws.

About Vented Screws

Designed to allow for the release of gasses, contaminants, and pressure through fasteners and more, vented screws are a versatile component for projects that involve vacuums. Their hollow core enables fast and efficient evacuation of air pockets, combating the problems associated with blind-tapped holes. Using vented screws in your project can prevent leaks around threads due to trapped air and pressure.

Main Benefits and Advantages

Vented screws are often used in applications where gas pockets are prone to form. The hole in the center of the screw creates a path for gasses to escape through the vented screw-bolt head and out of the system.

Together, these benefits combine to prevent overall unwanted downtime in your facility and optimize productivity and efficiency across your facility. The best part about our vented screws and screw kits is that they install just like a standard, non-vented screw. This leads to easy installation that does not involve any frustration.

Additional benefits of using vented screw sets include:

  • Allowing for fast and efficient pump-down of HV and UHV systems
  • Eliminating virtual leaks
  • Reducing pressure from blocked gasses
  • Providing ventilation for contaminants found in screw voids
  • Encouraging higher system throughput and improving yield
  • Enabling constant pressure and temperature equalization

Our Vented Screw Products

As a leading manufacturer of adjustment screws and mechanical hardware, our company understands how important reliable and efficient tools and their components are.

Our vented/vacuum adjustment screws are each made of stainless-steel material, are HEX driven, and come available in various sizes for your unique needs. These screws typically are not offered in a material like plastic because it has the tendency to absorb water. On the other hand, stainless steel is corrosion resistant, impact resistant, strong, sustainable, and offers long-term value in your vented screw sets and more.

Our available vented screws include:

In addition to the TPI High-Vacuum Screws, we also carry six different sizes of both M3-0.25 and M3-0.20 high-vacuum compatible fine adjusters. These vented set screws are available in standard lengths from 8 mm to 25 mm and are also constructed in our 304 stainless steel material, making them strong and durable.

Additional Features to Our Vented Set Screws 

Vented screws are also known as vacuum screws, hollow screws, or ventilation screws. Each of our high-vacuum compatible fine adjusters have a small venting groove on the edge of the ball-cavity to allow air to travel out from under the ball-tip. The purpose of the groove on the edge of the ball-cavity is to allow gases to escape from under the ball to prevent possible contamination of a system under vacuum pressure.

Additional features of our vented set screws also include a 440C stainless steel ball-tip and the ability to provide sub-micron sensitivity.

Benefits of Choosing Vented Screws from Kozak Micro Adjusters

Kozak Micro Adjusters has been committed to supplying and delivering precision vented screw components and other parts to satisfy our large customer base across diverse industries since 1980. We can produce the large or small product quantities you need to satisfy your project’s or business’s requirements, as well as preparing custom products for unique specifications.

Our goal is to provide you with value-added service, which we deliver through the following qualities:

  • Prompt delivery
  • Quick responses to inquiries
  • Free quotes
  • Quality control with full traceability
  • Competitive prices
  • A respectful and intelligent staff
  • Technical and engineering support

Contact Us for Vented Screws

If you are looking for a different-sized vented set screw, let us know and we can provide additional lengths available by request.

Contact our team today to become one of our partners for stainless-steel adjustment screws, knobs, sets and more. We can help you assess your needs, offer suggestions, and handle anything else you may need assistance with. We are looking forward to working with you.

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