What Is the Difference Between Press Fit and Slip Fit Bushings?

Both press fit bushings and slip fit bushings can be used with a diverse variety of materials and applications. In general, bushings are used in place of tapped holes. Let’s look at press fit bushings and slip fit bushings below.

Press Fit Bushings vs. Slip Fit Bushings

Press fit bushings are used for applications where the pressure is extremely tight on a hole location. Press fit bushing mounting is commonly used where the bushing won’t need to be replaced. 

Slip fit bushings are generally used in larger productions and operations. These bushings are typically used where bushings will need to be replaced at some point during the equipment or tooling’s lifespan. Slip fit bushings allow for precise alignment and simple replacement.

Press Fit and Slip Fit Bushing Mounting

Both press fit bushings and slip fit bushings can be secured and mounted. When it comes to press fit bushing mounting, the hole should be .0002” to .0003” smaller than the barrel diameter of the bushing. When it comes to slip fit bushing mounting, the hole should be .0005” to .002” larger than the barrel diameter of the slip fit bushing, including the adhesive to hold the slip fit in place. 

Here are some general tips for slip fit and press fit bushing mounting: 

  • Consider a jig bored or ground mounting hole for improved roundness
  • Lubricating the inner diameter of the bushing mounting hole can help prevent scoring
  • Never hammer press fit bushings or slip fit bushings into the proper place, as typically an arbor press works best
  • Keep the necessary tools sharp
  • Use coolants when needed 

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