Kozak Offers High-Quality Custom Brass Adjustment Screws

brass adjustment screws

When working on projects, the details matter. For this reason, Kozak Micro Adjusters offers custom brass adjustment screws to increase the aesthetic appeal and durability of your projects.

Reasons for Choosing Custom Brass Screws

Custom brass screws commonly serve mechanical or decorative purposes. However, they are not limited to just these uses and can also be utilized for tools, appliance parts, and ammunition as well.

Some advantages of choosing custom brass adjustment screws for your projects include the following:

  • Corrosion-resistance – Since it does not contain iron, brass does not rust. This makes it the ideal material for projects where the aesthetic appeal is important, or where the item is often exposed to the elements.
  • Non-magnetic properties – Brass is also non-magnetic, so it is an ideal material for systems that are sensitive to magnetism, making it applicable for a wide range of industries and uses.
  • Visual appeal – Brass has a gold finish and is often recognized for its aesthetic allure. The sleek finish it provides makes it ideal for projects where the screws will be exposed.
  • Retains high strength – As brass is known to be easily ductile, it makes shaping it into custom brass screws and other shapes easy. After it is shaped, it is known to retain the shape while maintaining its hardness and refusing breakage.

Advantages of Choosing Kozak for Custom Brass Adjustment Screws

Kozak has been producing some of the finest micro precision screws and mechanical hardware for over three decades. We have the ability to develop a customized product for almost any application.

Our manufacturing abilities are designed to handle even the most demanding specifications. Whether you are looking for a specific length, diameter, or thread, Kozak can supply high-quality custom brass screws and sets.

Additional benefits of choosing Kozak Micro Adjusters for your custom brass screw applications include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Bulk orders are achievable
  • Solutions for nearly every application
  • Customizable solutions

In addition to having quality screws that fit your specific application, we are also equipped to help you outside of your order. The following are the benefits of getting custom brass screws from Kozak Micro Adjusters:

  • Prompt delivery on orders
  • Quick inquiry responses
  • Free quotes
  • Full product traceability and quality control
  • Competitive prices
  • Courteous and knowledgeable team members
  • Reliable technical and engineering support

Contact Kozak for Custom Brass Screw Sets

When you have a unique project that requires an individualized solution, choose custom brass screws and sets from Kozak Micro Adjusters.

If you have questions or any inquiries about our products, please be sure to reach out today! We are always happy to offer our expertise to help.

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