Zero-Backlash Adjustable Bushings and Screws

Kozak Micro Adjusters focuses on providing premium-quality adjustment screws, and we offer a variety of imperial and metric zero-backlash adjustable bushings and screws.

When it comes to zero-backlash screws and bushings, we have the right solutions for you. These sets are available in the following varieties:

In addition, we also offer imperial wrenches and metric wrenches to help with implementing your bushings and screws. Along with this, we take pride in our competitive pricing and quality control measures that come with all of our products.

Our zero-backlash screws and bushings are designed to deliver precise movements. Kozak Micro Adjusters has years of expertise providing solutions for your unique needs. If you’re in need bulk parts and high-quality products, choose Kozak Micro Adjusters!

Products from Kozak Micro Adjusters

With our diverse experience, we have created adjustment screws for a range of industries. From photo optics to diagnostic equipment, many industries have depended on our screws for their operations. In addition to our adjustable bushings and screws, we offer the following products:

Our products exceed industry standards while providing the highest quality for your company’s needs. Whether it’s our zero-backlash bushing and screw sets or any of our other products, we are dedicated to giving you cost-efficient products that will exceed your expectations.

Have a quick question regarding one of our products? Please visit our frequently asked questions page for some quick answers, as we want to help you as soon as we can.

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Kozak Micro Adjusters has been supplying premium adjustment screws for over thirty years. We operate on being customer-focused while having the appropriate technical and engineering support available throughout the process. Can’t find the zero-backlash bushings or screws that you’re searching for? We also offer custom orders tailored to your specifications.

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