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screws for semiconductors


Kozak Micro Adjusters has remained a leading manufacturer of imperial and metric fine adjustment screws, carrier bushings, screw and bushing matched sets, and more for over 40 years. We work to provide the finest micro precision adjustment screws for the semiconductor industry, along with numerous other fields.

We can produce a broad range of precision screw options and mechanical hardware to fit any application need. Whether you work in the photo optics sector or in the analytical chemistry field or anything in between, we can offer the optimal precision solutions for your operations.


At Kozak, we manufacture a variety of the finest mechanical hardware and micro precision adjustment screws for semiconductors. In addition, we are a full-service machine shop with a number of production capabilities.

Our assortment of fine adjustment screws for semiconductors include:

  • Imperial (U.S.) Fine Adjustment Screws and Bushings – Some available options include fine adjustment screws for semiconductors that can be of custom lengths and tips. These precision screws are HEX-driven and provide precision smooth movements for diverse applications.
  • Metric Fine Adjustment Screws and Bushings – Our line of fine adjustment screws delivers sub-micron sensitivity in every application. This category offers a range of metric fine adjustment screws, metric carrier bushings, metric screw and bushing matched sets, metric knobs, and more.
  • Screw and Bushing Matched Sets – Offering precise movements for essential applications, our screw and bushing matched sets are available as imperial or metric. A wide range of size and dimension options are also available.
  • Zero-Backlash Adjustable Bushing and Screw Sets – Our new and improved design allows for internal adjustment of the thread class with our custom wrench.
  • Knobs for Adjustment Screws – Composed of 304 stainless steel, our units are knurled for improved grip during turning and are HEX-driven.
  • OEM Alternative Solution Components – Perfect for the semiconductor industry, our high-vacuum compatible fine adjusters are made of 304 stainless steel and are 1.5mm HEX-driven.


For over 40 years and counting, Kozak Micro Adjusters has produced precision components that are consistently made with honesty, integrity, hard work, and skill. Our team at Kozak is dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with superior craftsmanship and high-quality products with affordable pricing. 

At Kozak, we ensure the following value for each customer:

  • On-time delivery
  • Quick response on inquiries
  • Free quotes
  • Quality control with complete traceability
  • Competitive prices
  • Experienced and knowledge staff members
  • Technical support

Kozak Micro Adjusters proudly serves many ISO certified clients. In addition, our quality assurance program is compliant to the requirements of MIL-I-45208A and it meets or exceeds the standards of even our most demanding clients.


Kozak Micro Adjusters produces a variety of products that are used daily throughout different applications. We produce the finest mechanical hardware and precision adjustment screws for semiconductors available. In addition, we also provide adjustment solutions to the following other industries:

Also, we understand that each industry is unique and therefore should be treated as such. We strive to provide the ideal fit precision screw solutions to each and every industry in order to meet application needs, no matter what they may be. 


Whether you need a quantity of 1 or 1,000,000 plastic components, our team at Kozak can meet all of your needs as a precision screw manufacturer.

If you are looking for high-quality micro screws for semiconductor applications or are interested in learning more about the other reliable products we offer, contact a team member today. Let us help you find the right adjustment screws for your application needs.



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