Looking for Custom Bronze Bushings? Kozak Micro Adjusters Has the Right Fit for You!

custom bronze bushings

At Kozak Micro Adjusters, there is not a project size or application we can’t handle. From R&D to final design, we help our customers obtain the parts they are looking for. With a variety of screw and bushing matched sets to choose from, Kozak has the solution to your application needs.  

Kozak has been delivering quality products and craftsmanship to the public since 1980. We are a full-service machine shop and manufacture parts in our New Jersey facility, including bronze bushings.

Kozak’s Selection of Bronze Bushings

Known for their quality, versatility, and performance, our bronze bushings are made to withstand whatever is demanded by your task. With imperial-sized fine to ultra-fine unbraked bushings, Kozak’s 510 phosphor bronze bushings are the solution you’re seeking.

With a diverse industry background and decades of experience, Kozak is the right manufacturer for your next project. Some highlights of working with us include:

  • Kozak provides value-added services to ensure your machines are operating smoothly – even across diverse industries. We continuously exceed standards with our products and expertise.
  • Specifications are offered for each bronze bearing bushing listed on our site. You can see everything from thread diameter to thread pitch to details on the flange, and more.

Custom Bronze Bushings and More

Not finding what you are looking for? Kozak offers proprietary machining to create a solution to your application. With extensive knowledge and quality at the forefront of our designs, we can produce custom bronze bushings tailored to your needs.

If you need something specific in terms of materials, lengths, diameters, outer diameter threads, or more, we can supply. Additionally, we supply a wide range of readymade bushings and screw and bushing matched sets, including:

If you are unsure about a specific part or its compatibility, be sure to reach out to our team to chat about finding the right fit. 

Best Practices for Installation of a Bronze Bearing Bushing

When looking to add bushings to your application, there are two options. Bushings are typically secured using either a press or slip fit:

  • Press fit – Requires a hole .0002”-.0003” smaller than the barrel diameter of the bushing
  • Slip fit – Requires a hole .0005”-.002” larger than the barrel diameter of the bushing (and the adhesive to secure it) 

To learn more about the recommended hole sizes by bushing type and to get exact measurements, visit our FAQ page.

Why Bronze Bushings Will Be an Asset to Your Facility

Not sure which material to choose? Bronze bushings are the ideal way to accomplish your next project. Bronze is an appropriate choice for your facility for many reasons, including:

  • Resistant to corrosion – Bronze creates a longer lifespan for your bushings due to its composition. This makes it a great option for your machines, as it will keep them moving and reduce downtime for repairs in your facility. Also, bronze helps our bushings withstand forces that create rust and deterioration.
  • Smooth gliding against other materials – Our bushings provide smooth movements in the most demanding OEM applications. We use Apiezon M silicone-free, high-vacuum grease as a lubricant for bushings. If you prefer your order to arrive ungreased, please specify at checkout and we can accommodate to your request.

Choose Kozak for Your Bronze Bearing Bushings

Are you in the market for some new bronze bushings? Kozak is a manufacturer with years of experience across multiple industries, and is ready to help.

Contact us today and we can deliver the bronze bushings you’re looking for. We look forward to hearing from you!

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