What Is Axial Load?

No matter what industry you are working in that requires high-quality and durable adjustment screws, it is important to use these products effectively for the most reliable results. This includes selecting the proper adjuster for the axial load requirement of your application.

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Axial Load Defined

As industry experts are aware, the axial load is the force that is applied along the axis length of a screw. This force is then distributed amongst the threads of the screw and the mating bushing or threaded hole.

What Factors Determine Maximum Axial Load?

The maximum axial load is dependent on a variety of factors, such as the material of the screw, its diameter, the friction between the threads, and the thread pitch.

Additional factors will also contribute to the maximum axial load. These factors listed below can act negatively upon the maximum axial load by increasing the chances of premature wear and galling:

  • Non-axial forces
  • System vibrations
  • High frequency of rotations
  • High RPM
  • Overly hot or cold temperatures

How Is the Maximum Axial Load Calculated?

The maximum axial load is calculated by applying an axial load onto the screw, while the screw is rotating in a mating threaded bushing. The axial load right before the screw seizes in place is considered the maximum axial load.

Since galling and wear start occurring before this maximum is reached, a safety factor must be included to ensure that the screws will function properly. A good rule of thumb would be to use our measured maximum axial loads, and divide that load by half for a safe working maximum axial load.

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