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At Kozak Micro Adjusters, we are the leading manufacturer of stainless-steel adjusting screws and mechanical hardware, so our company understands how important reliable and efficient tools and their components are, and we have a prominent reputation for our stainless-steel adjustment screws. 

For more than 40 years, Kozak Micro Adjusters has been a full-service screw manufacturer that provides quality products, such as our custom stainless-steel screws, with an emphasis on precision components. Our core values that our business stands by are hard work, honesty, integrity, quality, and high-end craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for one component or a large quantity, Kozak Micro can help you with any of your hardware component needs.

Plus, in addition to our mechanical hardware products, we also serve as a full-service machine shop that can assist you with any needs you may have with your stainless-steel set screws or adjustment knobs. Based on your inquiries, we can create custom stainless-steel screws for any of your project needs.

About Our Stainless-Steel Adjusting Screws and Knobs

Along with the high quality of our hardware products and machine services, we are proud to offer our products with 303 stainless steel material to ensure that our customers get only the best. We also offer our products in bulk quantities to meet the needs of business owners so that we can always provide an effective solution.

Whether you need stainless-steel adjustment knobs or stainless-steel adjusting screws, we’re your go-to source.

Our Custom Stainless-Steel Screws from Kozak Micro Adjusters

At Kozak Micro Adjusters, we are fully committed to fulfilling all needs for stainless-steel adjustment screw knobs and screws, providing assistance with anything our customers need. We offer a wide range of stainless-steel set screws and essential tool parts including the following:

If you are looking for another component that we offer that is not on this list, visit our product catalog to see everything that we supply as well as detailed information on each product, including our stainless-steel set screws that are listed above.

A few features of our custom stainless-steel screws that stand out include diverse size options, knobs with knurled grooves for stronger gripping, and, of course, our 303 stainless-steel material that these components can be fashioned with. These benefits to our products allow our quality to truly stand out among others.

Our stainless-steel adjustment screws and stainless-steel adjustment knobs are well-known for their precision and performance. Also, if you have something specific in mind for your order, we additionally offer custom stainless-steel screws to meet your unique needs.

Reasons Why Kozak Is Your Stainless-Steel Set Screw Provider

At Kozak Micro Adjusters, we are proud to serve a variety of industries, such as analytical chemistry, diagnostic equipment, industrial gas flow, and even universities and colleges. Our team is dedicated to unwavering honesty, integrity, hard work, and skill, which is incorporated into all of our stainless-steel adjustment screws and custom stainless-steel screws, thus creating precision products for even the most demanding OEM tasks.

Additionally, some of the other reasons that you should purchase your custom stainless-steel screws from Kozak Micro Adjusters include:

  • USA-made products
  • Quotes on inquiries are free
  • Quality control traceability
  • Skillful, high-quality craftsmanship
  • Quick response to inquiries
  • Bulk products are achievable
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Swift delivery process

Have a question regarding our stainless-steel adjusting screws or stainless-steel adjustment knobs? If so, please visit our frequently asked questions page for some quick answers, or reach out. Our team wants to make your customer experience our top priority when shopping online with us. 

For more general information on specific products and unique applications, such as our brass products and vented screws, please visit our blog to learn more!

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Kozak Micro Adjusters has been committed to supplying and delivering precision stainless-steel set screws and other parts to satisfy our large customer base across diverse industries for over 40 years! Our shop can produce the large or small product quantities you need to satisfy your projects’ or business’s requirements.

Contact our team today to inquire about our stainless-steel adjusting screws, knobs, sets and more. We can help you assess your needs, offer suggestions, and handle anything else you may need. We are looking forward to working with you!

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