The Main Types of Set Screw Points

set screw points

When determining what screws you need for your project needs, it's essential to understand the different kinds of set screw points, their various uses, and what materials they’re normally used for. Read on to dive deep into the topic of set screw points, and why Kozak Micro Adjusters is your ideal supplier. 

What Are Set Screw Points?

Set screw points refer to the types of ends found on the ends of the screws, and they are designed to secure objects in place via pushing pressure. These points play a critical role in the function of set screws and come in six different types. Let’s look at the varied forms of set screw points and their specific functions.

Cup Point

This type of set screw point has a rounded surface with a thin edge at the end of the screw, which is made for holding onto various surfaces. Cup points are designed to enhance holding power by pulling force in a small area. With their soft grip, they work well with softer materials such as aluminum or plastic.


Oval screw set points are designed with a rounded oval end and are usually used in U-shaped grooves, V-shaped grooves, or any kind of sloped surface. They’re made to bind two surfaces without risking any kind of damage. Oval screw set points also resist loosening due to vibrations through materials and work best with softer materials.

Knurl-Grip Cup

A knurl-grip cup screw set point is made with serrations on the cup’s edge. This will help the screw have a better grip on the surface of the material than a regular cup screw set point. The serrations also resist any kind of loosening that can be caused by vibrations.


This type of set screw point is made with a pointed tip at the end of its surface so it can have a better grip on softer materials, such as brass. This design helps concentrate forces in a small area so it can have a strong hold while preventing materials from being damaged. 


Types of screw set points with flat ends are desired when flat contact is necessary for certain applications, and there is a need for minimal surface damage. The flat end, although, may not offer as much holding power as compared to other screw set points because of its reduced contact with materials.


Extended, or dog-point set screws, are designed with a flat tip and a partial groove. This design helps align parts and keeps the screw locked in place within a mating hole. Extended set screw points are generally used in applications that require higher vibration resistance, or higher torque.

Benefits of Working with Kozak Micro Adjusters

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