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OEM screws

1/4-80 TPI OEM Alternative Screws

OEM screws

1/4-100 TPI OEM Alternative Screws

 OEM screws

3/16-100 TPI OEM Alternative Screws


Every business has different application needs, and with these needs comes the necessity for trusted products. When it comes to OEM screws, companies utilize them in diverse applications for their field, and Kozak is proud to supply a range of options that can be utilized.

In our over 40 years of experience, we’ve provided assorted products like OEM screws for sectors such as:

We work closely with your business to find solutions for your application needs. Our team is a full-service shop with the ability to create the OEM imperial screws needed for the job.

Finding the Right OEM Screws

We pride ourselves on offering adjustment screws at a competitive price, and our OEM imperial screws are the solution to save you money. Additionally, we can supply them in any quantity you want, letting you receive bulk orders that will last.

Our OEM screws provide you with highest precision and smoothest movements which are ideal for high-demanding OEM applications. Plus, these screws are offered in various size options such as 1/4-80 TPI, 1/4-100 TPI and 3/16-100 TPI.

And due to our team’s experience and customization capabilities, Kozak Micro Adjusters can supply OEM alternative imperial screws with specified drive variations upon request.

In Need of Something Else? We Offer Diverse Products!

With our experience partnering with a variety of industries, we regularly produce diverse adjustment screws to meet their needs. In addition to offering OEM imperial screws, we also supply:

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Have any questions or in need of OEM screws? We’d be more than happy to assist you and provide recommendations for your application needs. Reach out to us today at Kozak Micro Adjusters.