Item # KB250-254, Imperial Knobs

Item # KB250-254, Imperial Knobs

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Our imperial sized knobs allow for quick screw adjustment without requiring a hex key. The outer diameter is knurled for increased grip while turning, and the threaded inner diameter allows for easy placement and/or removal from a screw. Knobs are made of 303 stainless steel.

KB187-100 series of knobs are compatible with our TS187-100 series of screws and TSB187-100 series of matched sets.

Our knobs can be supplied upon request with specified:

  • Optional Materials
  • Lengths and diameters
  • ID threads

Note: Kozak Micro cannot guarantee that our knobs will be compatible with screws sold by other manufacturers



Thread Diameter


Thread Pitch

254 TPI

Thread Class


Knurl Diameter

.500 in

Knob ASTM #

AISI 303 (ASTM-A-484-00)

Knob Material

303 Stainless Steel

Knob Length

.450 in