Item # TB250-80-625, Imperial Fine Adjustment Carrier Bushings

Item # TB250-80-625, Imperial Fine Adjustment Carrier Bushings

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Our imperial sized fine and ultra fine unbraked bushings or carriers deliver precision smooth movements in the most demanding OEM applications. Our bushings or carriers are available standard in 360 HO2 brass, 510 phosphor bronze and 303 stainless steel. Our bushings can be supplied upon request with specified: Optional Materials Lengths and diameters OD threads Braked bushings Our highly developed proprietary machining and custom modified machines enable us to produce our 80 TPI and 100 TPI fine and ultra fine bushings to standards that exceed industry standards. Note: Kozak Micro cannot guarantee that our screws and bushings will be compatible with screws and bushings sold by other manufacturers.



Thread Diameter

1/4 in

Thread Pitch

80 TPI

Thread Class


Bushing Length Fractional

5/8 in

Bushing Length Decimal

0.625 in

Bushing ASTM #


Bushing Material

360 Brass H02

Flange OD

0.352 in

Barrel OD

0.3125 in

Flange Thickness

0.01 in