Item # TS250-100-1250-AA-HV, 1/4-100 TPI Screws

Item # TS250-100-1250-AA-HV, 1/4-100 TPI Screws

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Our 1/4-100 (100 TPI) high-vacuum fine adjusters are available in lengths from 3/8" to 2.0" and are supplied with a 53 HRC .156" or .187" dia. tip and provide sub-micron sensitivity making them an ideal alternative to more costly micrometers where position indicated readout is not a necessity. Our fine adjusters are HEX driven and optional knobs and drive types are available. Thread class exceeds 3A. Note: Kozak Micro cannot guarantee that our screws and bushings will be compatible with screws and bushings sold by other manufacturers.



Thread Diameter

1/4 in

Thread Pitch

100 TPI

Thread Class


Screw Length Fractional

1-1/4 in

Screw Length Decimal

1.250 in

Ball Tip Diameter

0.187 in

Hex Drive

5/64 in

Screw Material

304 S.S.

Screw ASTM #

AISI 304 (ASTM-A-276-00)

Ball Material

AISI 52100

Ball Hardness

53 HRC