Item # TS3-25-10, M3-0.25 Screws

Item # TS3-25-10, M3-0.25 Screws

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Our M3-0.25 micro ultra fine adjusters are available in standard lengths from 8 mm to 39 mm and are supplied with a 53 HRC 1.6 mm dia. tip and provide sub-micron sensitivity. Our metric ultra fine adjusters are HEX driven (1.5 mm) and optional knobs and drive types are available. Thread class exceeds 6g. Note: Kozak Micro cannot guarantee that our screws and bushings will be compatible with screws and bushings sold by other manufacturers.



Thread Diameter


Thread Pitch

0.25 mm

Thread Class


Ball Tip Diameter

1.6 mm

Hex Drive

1.5 mm

Screw Material

303 S.S.

Screw ASTM #

AISI 303 (ASTM-A-484-00)

Ball Material

AISI 52100

Ball Hardness

53 HRC

Screw Length

0.394 in 10 mm