adjustment screws for aerospace

At Kozak Micro Adjusters, we have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing adjustment screws for aerospace, along with other essential products. Our full-service team is equipped to manufacture the parts that your operations require and will do so with quality and customer satisfaction in mind.

We understand the importance of high-quality and reliable hardware in your aerospace operations. We’re here to provide peace of mind that your parts are top of the line and the perfect fit for your project. Can’t find what you need? Ask about our customizable options for the aerospace industry!

Our fine adjustment screws for aerospace applications are available in a variety of pitches and sizes, vented/vacuum,  and these screws are manufactured with precision in mind and are the perfect solution for all of your detailed aerospace projects. We also supply various other essential aerospace components. Choose from:

  • Fine adjustment screws – Request fine adjustment screws for aerospace applications with custom lengths and tips, with both U.S. and metric options available. If you are looking for micro ultra-fine adjustment screws, check out options like our M2-0.25 screws and more.
  • Adjustment knobs – Choose from imperial and metric adjustment knobs for aerospace with threaded inner diameter to provide simple placement and screw removal.
  • Screw and bushing matched sets – Ultra-fine unbraked imperial bushings for aerospace provide smooth movements even in the most demanding environments.

We produce a variety of the highest quality adjustment screws for aerospace and we’re a full-service machine shop with a range of production capabilities.

Custom Adjustment Screws for Aerospace and More

Our fine adjustment screws for aerospace can be supplied with custom product specifications for your unique project needs. When requesting custom adjustment screws for aerospace, provide us with:

  • Optional materials
  • Custom lengths
  • Drive variations
  • Custom tips (i.e., blunt or coned)

High-vacuum fine adjustment screws can also be supplied upon request with specified:

  • Optional materials
  • Custom lengths
  • Drive variations
  • Custom tips (i.e., blunt or coned)

Our imperial fine adjustment carrier bushings can also be customized for your aerospace needs. Upon request, specify:

  • Optional materials
  • Lengths and diameters
  • OD threads
  • Braked bushings

Adjustment Knobs for Aerospace and Other Industries

With decades of experience in providing screws, bushings, and adjustment knobs for aerospace and varied industries, Kozak Micro Adjusters has become an industry leader in high-quality, customizable hardware. In addition to providing fine adjustment screws for aerospace, we supply products for industries such as:

Benefits of Choosing Kozak for Aerospace Components

Kozak Micro Adjusters is here to provide our aerospace customers with reliable, high-quality, and competitively priced adjustment screws, adjustment knobs, and imperial bushings for aerospace.

Our team is dedicated to supplying the best parts paired with excellent customer service, and whether your project is small or part of a major manufacturing operation, we can serve your needs.

Additional benefits to working with Kozak include:

  • On-time delivery
  • Timely responses to inquiries
  • Free quotes
  • Quality control with complete traceability
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff members
  • Technical support

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When you’re ready to purchase knobs, bushings, or adjustment screws for aerospace, contact us and we’ll be happy to help craft custom products to satisfy your needs.

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