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  • Adjustment Screws for Universities and Colleges

    For over 40 years Kozak Micro Adjusters has been supplying precision components like fine adjustment screws, fine adjustment knobs, bushings, and more to companies in varied industries. Due to our lengthy history and experience, and the wide variety of sectors we have serviced, we’re ideally positioned to provide screws and bushings for colleges and universities.

  • Kozak Micro Adjusters Is a Leading Provider of Precision Screws

    Kozak Micro Adjusters is a full-service screw manufacturer providing precision adjustment screws and some of the world’s finest mechanical hardwar...
  • What Is the Difference Between Press Fit and Slip Fit Bushings?

    Both press fit bushings and slip fit bushings can be used with a diverse variety of materials and applications. In general, bushings are used in p...
  • Fine Adjustment Screws vs. Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws: What's the Difference?

    Are you looking for adjustment screws but aren’t quite sure on the differences between fine adjustment screws vs. ultra-fine adjustment screws? We want to help clear up that confusion. 

  • What Are TPI Screws?

    What Is TPI? A common term that’s used when talking about screws is threads per inch, or TPI, which might leave you wondering what exactly is TPI ...
  • COVID-19 Update

    We hope you are doing well and staying safe in what are some of the most trying times. With many daily changes for businesses nationwide, we wanted to give a few updates on Kozak Micro Adjusters.