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  • How to Prevent Seized Screws and Screw Galling

    We’ve all encountered stubborn screws that refuse to loosen properly or become trapped within the device you’re inserting them into. There’s noth...
  • Lubricated Screws

    If you’re wondering whether or not you should use lubricated screws, let us guide you. Lubricated screws offer a range of benefits and are essenti...
  • The Main Types of Set Screw Points

    When determining what screws you need for your project needs, it's essential to understand the different kinds of set screw points, their various ...
  • What Is Axial Load?

    No matter what industry you are working in that requires high-quality and durable adjustment screws, it is important to use these products effectiv...
  • Custom Bronze Screws from Kozak Micro Adjusters

    At Kozak Micro Adjusters, we offer custom bronze adjustment screws for your projects, delivering durability and an aesthetic appeal. As a business...
  • Using Brass vs. Stainless-Steel Screws

    When beginning projects, it is important to be informed on what tools are needed to complete the job in a thorough and efficient manner. From larg...
  • Kozak Offers High-Quality Custom Brass Adjustment Screws

    When working on projects, the details matter. For this reason, Kozak Micro Adjusters offers custom brass adjustment screws to increase the aesthetic appeal and durability of your projects.

  • Looking for Custom Brass Bushings? Choose Kozak Micro Adjusters!

    Our custom brass bushings are made to last for any project. Choose from our matched screw and bushing sets or request a custom brass bushing for your task. The Kozak team possesses years of experience and an unmatched attention to quality and detail for your custom brass bearing bushing needs.
  • Need Custom Stainless-Steel Bushings? Kozak Is Your Source!

    We understand the importance of finding components that deliver results. With stainless-steel bushings, you can prevent problematic complications like corrosion while keeping your products operating with ease. 

  • Looking for Custom Bronze Bushings? Kozak Micro Adjusters Has the Right Fit for You!

    Kozak has been delivering quality products and craftsmanship to the public since 1980. We are a full-service machine shop and manufacture parts in our New Jersey facility, including bronze bushings.

  • Kozak Micro Adjusters Offers Reliable Vented Screws for Various Applications

    At Kozak Micro Adjusters, we carry high-quality adjustment screw products to keep your industrial and work equipment safe, precise, and fully func...
  • Searching for Stainless-Steel Set Screws? Kozak Micro Has Just What You Need!

    At Kozak Micro Adjusters, as a leading manufacturer of adjustment screws and mechanical hardware, our company understands how important reliable and efficient tools and their components are, and we have a prominent reputation for our stainless-steel adjustment screws.